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Zia-ul-Quran Sulemania (For Girls)  
Darul-uloom Zia-ul-Quran Sulemania Al Banaat (Azam Basti) is dedicatedly spreading the teachings of the Holy Quran for last 29 years under the management of Anjuman Qamar-ul-Islam Sulemania. By the grace of Allah, hundreds of children from the vicinity of Azam Basti have memorized the Quran, learned recitation and have even understood the holy book with translation . At the moment 600 students are studying in the institution in morning and evening shifts. Five recitation and one memorization class has been arranged for the boys, whereas, girls are able to attend 4 extra classes of Arabic teachings for contemporary education, 2 translation and recitation classes and 5 other classes as the boys. In total there are 18 different classes held every day those are headed by four male teachers for the boys, and twelve female teachers for the girls. Our school is an English Medium school. Darul-uloom Zia-ul-Quran Sulemania is famous for its fine administration, deliverance of education, and brilliant academic records in Azam Basti. Hundreds of children have passed out from this institution, who are now contributing to the society by successfully working in various organizations in Karachi. Currently we are proving for homeless orphan girls at our institution by giving them food, shelter and education while maintaining the Islamic pardah for their protection. The monthly expenses of every girl is close to Rs.2000.
Anjuman-Qamar-Ul-Islam-Sulemania Anjuman-Qamar-Ul-Islam-Sulemania Anjuman-Qamar-Ul-Islam-Sulemania