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Since from 20 Years in Jamia Sulemania (Anjuman Qamar-ul-Islam Sulemania) Clifton arrange Ijtimai Qurbani (Corporative  Offertory of Animals) at the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha under the supervision of Syed Abul Hasan Shah Manzoor Hamdani. Due to  the trust of the people on the institute the number of people for Ijtimai Qurbani is increasing every year. We put all our efforts to  give maximum facilities to the people. We brought our animals from Sahiwal and Bahawalpur. Some of the images of Qurbani are: 
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Other Activities
Ijtemai Qurbani  
Karwan-e-Qamar Karachi
Under the Supervision of founder of Anjuman Qamar-ul-Islam Monthly Karwan-e-Qamar is Publishing since 1997. It is not  only read and admired in Pakistan but also in the world. Under the Editor-ship of  Hazrat Moulana Dr. Mohammad Sohbat Khan Kohati and Dr. Noor Ahmad we have published various Special Number of the  magazine which was appreciated by the people. Monthly Karwan-e-Qamar stands tall among the Islamic Magazines now a days.  
Maktaba Qamar-ul-Islam Karachi
Under the Supervision of founder of Anjuman Qamar-ul-Islam Maktaba Qamar-ul-Islam is running . We offer our services for printing all kind of Islamic Books. Some of the examples of books printing and desiging are as under:
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