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Vission & Mission  
To help the poor, helpless and backward people of ‘Ummah’ through departing Islamic and worldly knowledge and providing with free and quality healthcare facilities, to cooperate with other institutions in propagating Islam and preparing Scholars well-versed in Islamic teachings for the purpose of presenting Islam to the world with practical demonstrations. To established Islamic instittutes and Mosques through out the country and to give them advance and modern education to educate and guide the people of Pakistan. To provide Huffaz(Memorizer of Holy Quran), Qura(Reader of Quran), Alim(Scholar of Islam), Professors and Doctors to Pakistan who work hard with Honesty and Devotion for the development and building of Pakistan. To provide people who spread Islam and love and Message of Hazrat Mohammad Sallalho Alehay Wasalam in every part of the World. Establishing girls college and advanced Islamic University in the premises of the Jamia Sulemania is also our Mission.  
Anjuman-Qamar-Ul-Islam-Sulemania Anjuman-Qamar-Ul-Islam-Sulemania Anjuman-Qamar-Ul-Islam-Sulemania Mission