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Jamia Sulemania Clifton  (Children Home)
Jamia Sulemania Clifton Is founded in 1980 near seashores of Clifton , Karachi located in  Block-2 near Bilawal House covering atleast 4000 feets of area. It was inaugurated by the  hands of Shaikh-ul-Islam Khwaja Mohammad Qamar-uddin Siyalvi (RA). Now today by the  utmost efforts of SYED ABUL HASAN SHAH MANZOOR HAMDANI  it becomes in  one of the greatest Jamia’s(Islamic Institute).  This institute has given number of Student with teaching of Quran and Hadith who are now  spreading it through out the World. With our beloved SYED ABUL HASAN SHAH  MANZOOR HAMDANI his companions Syed Shah Fakhhruddin Hamdani, Syed Shah  Rafiuddin Hamdani, Syed Hanif Ahmad Shah Hamdani and Syed Zahoor Ahmad Shah  Hamdani are also working day and night for the Improvement and Development of the  institute. Jamia Sulemania accomodate about 80 Student in its Hostel. We are giving free Medical,  Food facility to the student of Jamia. Anjuman Qamar-ul-Islam Sulemania main office is also  located in the institute. Our beloved SYED ABUL HASAN SHAH MANZOOR  HAMDANI and his team is working hard for the development and betterment of the Jamia  Sulemania.  
Anjuman-Qamar-Ul-Islam-Sulemania Anjuman-Qamar-Ul-Islam-Sulemania Anjuman-Qamar-Ul-Islam-Sulemania