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From the children of Qutub of Qutubs, His Highness Syed Ali Hamdani(RA), Allah  sent  His righteous servant Hazrat Syed Ahmed Hamdani (a.ka Shah Noori Sultan Bilawal   Hamdani  R.A) to Indo-Pak subcontinent from Hamdan. He settled down in district Tilla   Kang Chakwal,  and from then on, the area got its name as Shah Bilawal. It was from here  that the Hamdania  bloodline extended.   From the offsprings of the respected Shah Bilawal, Hazrat Peer Syed Muhammad  Shah  Hamdani brought himself at the doorsteps of the holy sanctuary "Siyaal Shareef", in  district  Pindi Ghaep. Here, he joined the spiritual circle of Khawaja Mir Ahmed Sayaalwi and  received  his Khilafat after deep spiritual devotion. Upon the instructions of his peer-o- murshid Hazrat  Khawaja Sayaalwi (RA), he quit his residence at Chakwal district, and  came down to Pindi  Ghaep district Mianwali. He named the area 'Zamaan Abad Shareef".  In January 1933 (Hijri  year 1351), a son was born to his wife who we now know as Hazrat  Abu-ul-Hasan Syed Shah  Manzoor Hamdani.   
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About Founder
Birth & Lineage
During his eary ages, he was home-schooled at his residence in "Zamaan Abad Shareef".  Later, he memorized the Holy Quran at "Siyaal Shareef", and finished contemporary education  from Pindi Ghaep, Malhuwali, Dhamal,Makhad Shareef, and Tilla Gang. 
Bait & Khilafat
Hazrat Syed Shah Manzoor Hamdani was fortunate enough to take his Bait in the hands of  His Holiness Sheikh-ul-Islam Hazrat Qamar-ud-din Siyaalwi (RA). Under the guidance of the Holy  Sheikh, he ascended spiritual and mystic stages, and finally received his Khilafat. Hazrat Syed  Shah Manzoor Hamdani is deeply attached with the family of his respected Sheikh.  
Religious Propagational Journey
With the blessings and prayers of "Sheikh-ul-Islam", he undertook several journeys  around the globe for dissemination of Islam. Some of the countries he travelled to include  UAE, Saudi Arabia, Middle East, France, London, Italy, Nairobi (Africa), Thailand, and  America. Hazrat Syed Shah Manzoor Hamdani has also offered Hajj several times.  
Publication Acheivements  
While his organization  "Anjuman Qamar-ul-Islam Sulemania"  is busy in religious,  social and medical services, work is also progressing in research and publication  department. This  department has published several books such as "Anwaar-e-Shamsia",  "Anwaar-e- Qamaria" part II and III, "Shia Mazhab" and many others. "Fauzul-qamaal-Fil-  Khulfa-e-Peer  Siyaal - part IV, V and VI, are a link to this chain of publications. Apart from  all this, "Anjuman Qamar-ul-Islam Sulemania" is monthly publishing "Qaarwan-e-Qamar"  for the last ten years.  
Religious & Social Achievements  
With the grace of "Peer Siyaal Lajpal" Syed Shah Manzoor Hamdani has very    sagacious and chaste personality. He is invariably struggling for the glory of Islam and  busy in deliverance of social and religious services. With blessings of Allah he is  successfully running many social and religious organizations.  
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