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Your donations in the way and for the pleasure of Allah of any amount no matter   how small it is will help us feed, educate and house these helpless and homeless   children who desperately need your love and financial support. As Muslims it is our duty   to help our fellow Muslims and give from what Allah has blessed us with. Remember   together we can fight against child abuse, hunger and homelessness. These children   are the future of our beloved country Pakistan and we should invest in them for a better   and bright future.   You can also sponsor a child on monthly or yearly basis.  
Anjuman-Qamar-Ul-Islam-Sulemania Anjuman-Qamar-Ul-Islam-Sulemania Anjuman-Qamar-Ul-Islam-Sulemania
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How you can help  
Title of Account:      Anjuman Qamar-ul-Islam     Sulemania 
Branch Code:    0056 
Swift Code :             
Branch:                  Clifton  
Account # :       0296161-03 
Bank:                Habib Bank Karachi, Pakistan.  
You can also have share in this noble and good deed through your donations.  Title of  Account:      Anjuman                             Qamar-ul-Islam                     Sulemania Bank :          Habib Bank             Karachi  Branck:         Clifton Swift Code:   abpakkaxxxx Branck Code:0056 Account No:  029161-03 Donations