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Anjuman-Qamarul-Islam Sulemania was established in 1964 by SYED ABUL  HASAN SHAH MANZOOR HAMDANI. In 1964 Darul Uloom Qamar-ul-Islam under  the patronage of Anjuman Qamar-ul-Islam Sulemania Karachi came into existence. Since  then its door has remained open for students from far and wide and it has earnestly  endeavored to make them better and successful Muslims by imparting Islamic and modern  knowledge to them.   The Organisation has ever since its creation met with approval from all quarters of  the Muslim world and has lately been recognized even by the Madinah University and  Rabita-al-Alam. By the utmost and earnest efforts which is made by SYED ABUL  HASAN SHAH MANZOOR HAMDANI by visiting different countries of the world and  many Ministers, Ambassadors and Foreign Delegation has visited Anjuman Qamar-ul-Islam  Sulemania results that the student of SYED ABUL HASAN SHAH MANZOOR  HAMDANI has established many esteemed institutes through out the country. Some of  them are:
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About us
Zia-ul Quran Sulemania Ilbinat (for Girls)  Azam Basti Karachi, Pakistan.
Sulemania Sec School Clifton Karachi, Pakistan 1988. 
Jamia Sulemania Clifton (Children Home) 1976.  
Sulemania School of Modern Education Clifton Karachi Pakistan.
Qamar-ul-Islam Hospital Punjab Colony Karachi Pakistan 1964.
Jamia Masjid Ali Haider Qarar Clifton Karachi Pakistan.  
Jamia Masjid Qamar-ul-Islam Attock Punjab Pakistan. 
Dar-ul-uloom Muhammadi Sulemania Zamanabad Attock Punjab Pakistan.  
Dar-ul-uloom Manzoor-ul-Islam Sulemania Sohrabgoth Karachi, Pakistan. 
Jamia Masjid Abul Khair Hamdani Sohrabgoth Karachi, Pakistan.  
Dar-ul-uloom Moeen-ul-Islam Sulemania Cant Karachi, Pakistan.  
Jamia Masjid Sulemania Punjab Colony Karachi Pakistan.  
Dar-ul-uloom Qamar-ul-Islam Punjab Colony Karachi Pakistan.
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