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The world today is under the complete away of materialism. The  dominance of materialism, despite its scientific and technical  advancement has contributed practically nothing towards moral, social  and spiritual development of making. Humanity is, Therefore, best with  problems of the gravest nature and seems to life. Peace of mind and  soul. Moreover the crisis thus created had brought in its wake  multinatured challenges. To meet fully the challenge of the hostile ideological forces which  are attacking and message of Islam of making is the crying need of Islam  today. This need cannot, however, be fulfilled without producing Ulama  Scholars of a comprehensive type.To achieve this grand objective  Anjuman Qamar-ul-Islam Sulemania, was established at Karachi 32  years ago. When I 1964 (1384 AH) the founder and Chief Administrator,  SYED ABUL HASAN SHAH MANZOOR HAMDANI conceived the  idea of establishing an institution. He had no backing and no other  material aids at his disposal. But he had complete faith in God and his  heart was bubbling with enthusiasm. He did not mind about bundles in  the way and laid the foundation of Anjuman Dar-ul- Uloom Qamar-ul-  Islam Sulemania.  
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